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Fabian Del Priore was born in 1978 and currently resides in Frankfurt, Germany. He started composing on the Commodore C64, collected synthesizers since he was very young and took private piano lessons for over ten years. Also, he has become an established and critically acclaimed tracker musician under the nickname of "Rapture", hence the name of this website.

But it was not before the age of 16 until his career as a professional game musician started; After sending a demo tape to "Vision Media", a German software developer and subsidiary of Chris Huelsbeck's own company, Synsoniq Records, Fabian subsequently became a freelance composer, arranger and sound designer at Chris' company for computer- and video games.

In the same year, still counting a mere 16 years of age, Fabian already experienced his big breakthrough; he composed his first Computer Game Soundtrack which was over 60 Minutes of CD Audio- and Midi Music for Bluebyte's "Extreme Assault". Chris Huelsbeck himself composed three additional tunes for the game. Being one of the most well-known and best-selling Computer Games in 1997, it gained excellent reviews with very high music and sound ratings as well, which gave Fabian more than enough motivation to pursue his career.

As a consequence, Fabian was gradually involved in numerous video and computer games and produced soundtracks for games like "Menateus", the official computer game for the EXPO 2000 World Exhibition, the award-winning "Cultures" Game Series including "Cultures 2 - The Gates of Asgard" and "Northland", "Cold Zero - The Last Stand" by JoWooD, "Hotel Giant" or "Chicago 1930" by Spellbound, to name a few. He has since spent parts of the so-earned money on building a professional midi / audio production studio where he is still working on game soundtracks.

At the end of 1999, he met producer Thomas Böcker and it didn't take long until they had the idea to create "Merregnon", a world wide project where renowned composers from the computer games and the demo music scene were invited to accompany characters from an original fantasy story. They were asked to describe the adventures and the surroundings of the characters through music in orchestral style. The result of their work has been put together on an exclusive CD which gained enormous international success. In spring 2004, Merregnon Vol. 2 was released. During that work, Fabian gained extensive knowledge and experience in writing scores for symphony orchestras.

Specifically for Merregnon 2 he worked together with the New York Philharmonic, Prague Symphony Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic Choir already at the age of 23 - the first live orchestra recordings for Merregnon 2 began in early 2002 which were the first live orchestra recordings of their kind in Germany.

Furthermore, Fabian was musically involved in the first symphonic game music concert in the world (outside of Japan), which was the opening concert for the "Games Convention 2003", the biggest trade show for computer and video games in Europe and took place August 2003 in the famous Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany. Over 2.000 People, including press, television, media and audience, visited the concert and gave it lots of rave reviews. Among many other famous game compositions, Fabian composed and arranged two music pieces for the concert, the first part of the Merregnon 2 Suite and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker by Nintendo. The concert was perfomed live by the well-known Czech National Symphony Orchestra.

In the following year, the second Symphonic Game Music Concert took place in Leipzig as part of the "Games Convention 2004" opening ceremony, this time performed by the Prague FILMharmonic Orchestra, where Fabian produced three music pieces: The Secret of Monkey Island, a special Turrican 2 suite and Metal Gear Solid and additionally worked as Synthesizer Programmer for the concert. Fabian also arranged music for the Games Convention concert in 2005.

In Janurary 2006, four school concerts, titled "Helden unserer Phantasie" ("Heroes of our Imagination"), featuring video game music were held in Germany, performed by the Neue Elbland Philharmonie Orchestra. The "Merregnon Soundtrack - Volume 2 - Suite" (as performed at the GC Games Convention Concert 2003) with 4 minutes of music composed by Fabian was played at all four concerts.

Also in 2006, the first worldwide video game concert tour, titled "PLAY! A Video Game Symphony" was announced where Fabian works as music arranger. Merregnon members such as Thomas Boecker, Fabian Del Priore, Andy Brick and Jonne Valtonen are taking part in the project. So far, PLAY! concerts have been announced for Chicago, Stockholm, Philadelphia, Vienna (Virginia) and Toronto. The concert tour was extended to 2007 and 2008 with concerts all over the world.

Since 2006, Fabian also works together with Dynamedion as composer and sound designer specifically for handheld video games.